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MySmartBox - Electronic parcel boxes

Smart Click & Collect locker solutions for residential buildings, student accommodation or your workplace.

MySmartBox parcel boxes touchscreen

Easy to receive and send parcels

Receive a parcel
With MySmartBox users can receive anything they want ordered from anyone they want. All couriers, local shop and services can take advantage of it and are welcome to use it.

Send a parcel
The solution works the other way around as well allowing users to send packages to their friends, colleagues or return online items. There’s no need to go the local post office or shop anymore. Laundries, ironing or anything you can imagine can now be collected directly from MySmartBox.

Our mySmartBox concept ...

A smart and connected parcel boxes unit
Easy to collect and return parcels icon

Make it easy to collect & return parcels

With a single touchscreen and simple interface delivering and retrieving parcels never been so quick and easy. A few clicks and the job is done.


Is strong and secure

Made of electrogalvanised steel and equipped with electronic lock, our parcel boxes unit are strong and safe accessible only with a unique and single use password.

SMS notification icon

Send SMS notifications

Tracking events the smart unit send an SMS notification to the users when parcels are delivered or left for courriers collection.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor icon

Is suitable for indoor & outdoor

When residential buildings would prefer an indoor version, the outdoor version allows individual houses to share the benefits of the concept as a townhome community.

Bespoke configuration icon

Is a bespoke configuration to you need

Choosing from various size of lockers you can even have a laundry locker or integrated mailboxes for a complete bespoke solution.

Personalised design ans style icon

Offer a classy and personnalised design

The simple and neat design, coming in any RAL colours can be upgraded with luxury surround, back lightings and even be personalised with digital printed artworks.


Bespoke configuration

Choosing from 6 different sizes of locker you create a totally bespoke unit to match the requirements of the residents or employees so they can receive all kind of parcels. The large height locker XL-h can integrate an horizontal bar to hang ironing and small boxes S can be replace with postboxes for a complete solution parcels and mails.

Here the dimensions W x H x D (mm):

  • S : 300 x 150 x 400
  • M : 300 x 300 x 400
  • L : 300 x 600 x 400
  • XL : 600 x 600 x 400
  • XXL : 900 x 600 x 400
  • XL-h : 300 x 1200 x 400



Not only our mySmartBox can be powder coated to any RAL colours that you can mix or not if you prefer unicolor but you can have as well a 100% personalised unit thanks to our exclusive digital printed finish so you can print your logo or stunning artwork to complement the location where it stand. We can also imagine backlighted surround, leather inside the boxes, engraving and whatnot more.

Personalised MySmartBox
The connected parcel boxes MySmartBox are suitable for indoor and outdoor

Suitable for indoor & outdoor

To manufacture our MySmartBox electronic parcel boxes we use electro-galvanised steel resistant to corrosion so it doesn’t matter if the unit is installed inside or outside. The only difference for the outdoor version is the addition of seals to guarantee the water resistance of your parcel boxes.

The preferred location choice for residential or commercial building is normally in the lobby to either be freestanding or recessed into a wall.

For individual homes, houses development the parcel boxes unit is always outdoor but located in a strategic spot to be easily accessible by all the users of the street or neighborhood.

Strong & Secure

Made of electro-galvanised steel our parcel boxes units are strong. Every doors are secured by an electronic lock which can’t be opened without a unique generated password. For outdoor or high risk area we also developed an high security version with thicker steel and a frame for each single boxes.

MySmartBox strong and secure

SMS notification

Really practical the connected MySmartBox unit send automatically a SMS notification as soon as a parcel have been delivered of left for collection in one of the box. Users won’t need to check every half hour where at is their order. If users decide to leave a parcel for a friend or neighbour, they can simply add them by entering their name and phone number so they will receive the SMS with the password to open the box.

MySmartBox SMS notification

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