Secured By Design TS009:2019 CERTIFIED mailboxes

We are the first manufacturer of Secured by Design TS009:2019 certified mailboxes. The most secured postboxes on the market thanks to a patented lock and its high security cylinder.

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Multiple mailboxes

We are specialised in designing and manufacturing post rooms.

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Our 24/7 parcel handling system provides a smart, contactless and secure solution to receive and returns parcels where you live, work or study. Now available with a 1hour Fire Rating.

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120 minutes Fire rated mailboxes

Whether it's wall mounted, recessed or through the wall you require, we have the solution for you

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Key-less mailbox systems

Our electronic locks for mailboxes are more and more popular. Especially in student accommodations, luxurious developments or even retirement homes, people are looking to go key-less for more practicality.

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Communal doors

With decades of experience manufacturing communal doors, you can now enjoy our secure, stunning and bespoke all-in-one solutions including mailboxes and access control.

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Printed mailboxes masterpiece

Our new and exclusive option for stunning mailboxes, highlighting all lobbies.

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Mailbox & door leading manufacturer

Bank of mailboxes

Multiple mailboxes

Our apartment mailbox solutions feature an abundance of textures, colours and finishes. Whether you require your letterboxes to be freestanding, recessed, wall mounted, through the wall or in a door side panel, we have the right solution for you.

We pride ourselves on the quality, durability and security of our products, whilst our clients can take pride in not only the appearance, but knowing they have a truly global product, proven throughout the UK and internationally.

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Individual mailboxes

Our range of modern, classic, high security and designer individual mailboxes are tough, durable, smart and designed to keep your mail safe at all times.

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DAD and Brabantia individual mailboxes
Individual parcel boxes and parcel drop box

Individual parcel boxes

Our parcel boxes range is composed of parcel drop box allowing multiple parcel deliveries or simple parcel box for one parcel delivery at a time providing more security. Our parcel boxes can be wall mounted or free standing, with or without intregrated letterbox.


Multiple parcel boxes

MySmartBox is our innovative "Click & Collect" solution for multiple parcel deliveries. Using a range of different sized parcel boxes from S to XXL, you can create a bespoke 24x7 secure and integral unit suitable for your workplace, factory, residential building or student accommodation.


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MySmartBox Click & Collect multiple electronic parcel boxes
Communal door made to measure

Communal door

DAD UK have long experience in manufacturing communal doors. Completly bespoke you can have different design of glasing thanks to precise laser cut, integrated mailboxes and even Secured by Design access control panel for an all-in-one solution.

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Domestic doors

Too frequently, residential doors have been a by-word for uniformity. However, today they form part of the overall architecture and have to meet specific expectations. Demands in terms of security have increased over the years and security against forced entry and fire has become a major factor in their design.

Acoustic comfort has also become a major point of concern. But the most important development must be that they have to be aesthetically appealing, which today is seen as essential. The specially tailored approach of DAD allows you to meet these needs to the letter. Now, residential doors are really worth showing off.

Domestic security entrance doors