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Most of our mailboxes are designed with the ability to have an electronic lock fitted, offering increased ease of use.

Electronic mailboxes

The management, secure storage and issuing of keys, especially for large multiple occupancy buildings, Commercial Premises, Schools, Universities and Student Accommodation Sites, can be a complex, tiresome and costly exercise.

The use of electronic locks is increasingly being asked for by our customers these days and DAD UK have been using them for years. With Digilock, Salto lock or any other manufacturer, we can integrate your keyless solution within our range of secure mailboxes, parcel boxes, lockers, cabinets and doors.

Choose between a keypad or a reader and with a wide choice of finishes available, they are an excellent addition to any mail or parcel delivery solution.

Digilock Keypad locks

A fresh approach to securing personal storage. A slim 8mm profile available ina keypad, touch keypad or touch RFID. These locks are the most common for mailboxes. They’re simple and very efficient.

  • Slim 8mm Profile with all metal housing
  • Meets IP55 rating
  • Manage by electronic keys or mobile device with built-in audit trail
  • Availabe for assigned use functionality wherein a locker is assigned to a single user
  • Available for shared use functionality wherein a locker is shared throughout the day

Recommended mailbox ranges

The Digilock can be fitted as an option on the following ranges: Standard series, Through the wall series, Side panel series, 3700 and Heavy Duty. Concerning the Salto locks we developed a range especially for those with both vertical and horizontal letterboxes: Salto series.

Standard series

Our most popular range of mailboxes can all be modified to install an electronic lock. Please remember though, these locks can only be used internally.  Ideal for large volume solutions or clusters where mailboxes are shared amongst multiple users. With the maintenance, storage and distribution of keys being  especially challenging for Student Accommodations, the electronic lock is a perfect solution.

Through the wall series

Internally, we can install electronic locks to any of our through the wall solutions directly on to the users doors. With a range of finishes, these locks can enhance any lobby/reception area.

Ideal for commercial units, with shared users.

Side panel series

Like our through the wall solution, we can also install electronic locks internally on our side panel mailboxes. Allowing users to share codes and easily update codes without changing locks when/if residents relocate.

Again, ideal for shared offices or comercial premises where internal lobby space isn’t available.

The Malt Yard

We implemented a key-free environment for this retirement village with simple but stunning electronic letterboxes giving more ease of use.