RAL colours

We can powder coat to any RAL colour upon request.  We currently have a list of 27 standard RAL colours to choose from but can offer any RAL colour available.  We can also use multiple colours across a single bank as we powder coat the body of the postbox, the door and the flap the same colour or a mixture of colours.  Ask our sales team for a 3D image to illustrate your designs.

Finish preview

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Stainless steel

For a sleek, modern and contemporary finish, you may wish to consider a stainless steel solution.  Ideal for coastal towns too, a stainless steel finish can add class and elegance to any building.


DAD are extremely proud to bring you the industry’s first ever mailbox print solution.  These are not vinyl’s but an actual print directly on to the steel itself, meaning it cannot be peeled or scratched off. We have a wide range of designs at your disposal or for that individual touch, just send us your design and will replicate it on to your bank of mailboxes. Whether it’s a photo of your building, logo or simply the address, our print solutions will highlight your delivery system as an integral part of your lobby.

Luxury leather cover

For the ultimate indulgence, why not encase and line your mailboxes in our high quality leather? Whether to match existing fixtures and fittings or as part of a new, unique lobby design.  Our leather bound mailboxes will have everyone talking!