Through the wall

Through the wall

This mailbox system is the most appealing for front delivery and rear retrieval negating the need for non-residents to gain access to the building.  The system can be fitted through a cavity wall either at a set depth or by using a telescopic model.  Its One Piece Front Plate (OPFP) design makes the entire unit neat and offers the latest improvements against vandalism and fishing.  Made to measure, the OPFP is made from 3mm to 28mm thick steel and can be adapted to any configuration.

Through the wall series

  • Front delivery - rear retrieval
  • Through the wall

Mailbox through cavity walls

The DAD Telescopic range of mailboxes was developed to suit through cavity or solid walls between 260 and 500mm deep. This concept guarantees the opening door at the rear will sit flush with the inner wall. Available as a multiple unit in any configuration. The laser cut front panel is attached to the mailboxes with no screws visible from outside for extra security and sleek appearance. Mailboxes compliant to SBD Homes 2023.