Deptford Market Yard

Project description

Working closely with Ardmore Group, we designed a bespoke and vibrant solution for the recently renovated Deptford Market Yard. A collection of independent shops, restaurants, new market space and executive apartments where residents will be able to pick up their post in style using the new bright mailboxes.

A bright and vibrant solution for a regeneration scheme in South East London. Security and design were of the utmost importance with this project.

Project details

Project type : Residential Apartments
Year : 2016
Location : London
Product : Standard series
Model : 2010-16
Colourful wall mounted letter boxes with special surroundDeptford Market Yard | UK Multi occupancy postboxes colourful Deptford Market Yard | Colourful Multi occupancy postboxes with bespoke casingDeptford Market Yard | Wall mounted multiple mailboxes with bespoke surroundSecure wall-mounted post boxes for residential apartmentsSecure wall-mounted letter boxes for residential apartments