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Luxury residential development

Project description

Project overview – Baltimore Tower

Standing at 138metres tall, the Baltimore Tower is amongst the top 10 tallest buildings fixated amongst the Isle of Dogs. Whilst it is not the tallest, it is very much one of the most distinctive with its unique exterior character. The fixing of glass panels allows you to believe it is rotating, when in fact the structure of the building is completely vertical, with no gradient at all. The building boasts a whole load of personality, with its open-side balconies from top to bottom; to the finer details and incredible top floor views. Baltimore tower also boasts a cinema room, 25 metre swimming pool, residential gym and leisure facilities and impressively; a bar & restaurant based on the 43rd, 44th and 45th floor.

Product overview – The 2030-1

A box that is distinctive and carries characteristics rightfully, the 2030-1 allows a luxury building to maintain standards; and create a focal point out of itself within. Finished in a brushed stainless steel, the mailbox becomes much more than somewhere to retrieve mail, it becomes a conversation starter and a piece of furnishing.

The design of the boxes, as well as the impressive layout; capitalises on the lighting in the room and gives a constant reminder of the beauty the building aims to maintain.

Located in the lobby of the Arena tower, the mailboxes have been recessed into specifically made wooden alcoves. A real touch of Architectural vision.

Partners within this project – John Planck Ltd

We worked alongside one of the best architectural Ironmonger, situated on the outskirts of London; John Planck Ltd. John Planck Ltd supplied the Ironmongery package for this project, as well as the mailbox package.

John Planck Ltd are well known for their ironmongery capabilities in London, with an array of projects completed there.

Project details

Project type: Luxury residential development
Year: 2018
Location: London
Product: Standard series
Model: 2030-1