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A Sloping mailbox reducing the threat of fishing and mail theft

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For secure, multiple, large quantity solutions such as student accommodation

When space is a concern and so is security, the 3700 series is an ideal solution.  With its sloping design, the 3700 can be stacked in columns and then connected to give the impression of a standard bank of small volume mailboxes but with the added security against fishing.


Mailbox model 3700-1 Mailbox model 3700-2
Ref. W x H x D (mm)
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Mailbox model 3700-1 thumbnail 3700-1 300 x 110 x 320 11L 3download pdf datasheet icon-Quote icon-
Decayeux | Bo thumbnail 3700-2 300 x 220 x 320 21L 4download pdf datasheet icon-Quote icon-

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The largest choice of mailbox finishes


We have a lot of different finishes. Our mailbox can be available with print, in stainless steel, silver, gold or bronze aluminium and in any RAL colour. Painted with an high quality and recycle powder coated.

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RAL colours

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  • Corrosion resistance 3
  • Vandalism resistance 1
  • 10 years Guarantee


  • Electro-galvanised steel
  • Polyester powder coated RAL colour

Front load

  • Standard door
  • Electro-galvanised steel
  • Front aperture with Standard painted aluminium flap
  • Clipped perspex window with name tag
  • Cam lock with 4 pin cylinder (2 keys)


  • Royal mail compliant
  • British standard BS EN 13724 compliant
  • Secured by Design New Homes guide 2016 compliant


  • Surround
  • Soft close flap
  • Master key
  • Anti-arson
  • Electronic lock
  • Access control
  • Print
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