Secure mailboxes from DAD prevent identity theft

Bethany-House-buildingsWhen a London property management company received continual complaints from the residents of a London apartment building about theft of mail from the building’s mail boxes, they looked for a robust, secure mailbox system that would prevent fishing and minimise vandalism. The answer was the fully SbD-accredited DAD009 from mailbox specialist DAD – the only mailbox to comply with the benchmark TS009 performance standard.

DAD009-Bethany-HouseProperty Management company Ian Gibbs Estate Management was very concerned to receive weekly complaints from the residents of Bethany House in Enfield that their mail had been stolen by fishing the mail out of the slots or by thieves breaking the boxes’ locks. They turned to London-based Architectural Ironmongers G Johns & Sons to help them find a solution. Jeremy Johns at G Johns takes up the story. “Bethany house is a very smart residential development with twelve apartments,” he says. “But despite the quality of the development, the original mailboxes were very bog standard, and frankly not up to the job. The boxes themselves were too shallow which facilitated fishing, and the locks were pretty flimsy. We had already used the DAD009 box before and knew that it was a much stronger option with many security features built in.” Since the DAD009 boxes have been fitted at Bethany House there have been no incidents of mail theft or box vandalism.

DAD009_Bethany-HouseThe DAD009 is an exceptionally robust mailbox and is proven in tough independent tests to be able to withstand attack and resist fishing through the slot. It is manufactured from 1.5mm steel to ensure it is able to withstand physical attack with tools, it features a patented locking and security device including an EN1303 lock with 30,000 key variations, while an anti-theft device behind the letter flap makes it impossible to fish the mail out through the slot.

As well as fully complying with the TS009:2012 spec, the new DAD mailbox complies with British Standard BSEN13724 and all Royal Mail requirements. It is available as a single box or a bank of boxes and is wall mounted either on or in the wall, and can be sited inside or out. Like every DAD mailbox, the new DAD009 has a ten year guarantee against complete rust – perfect for the outdoor siting at Bethany House.

DAD009_Bethany-House24% of British people have been the victim of identity fraud, which is the highest figure in Europe; and it is estimated that identity fraud costs the UK economy £1.7 billion every year. Credit rating agency Experion, which has studied the issue in depth, estimates that nearly a third of cases are perpetrated by theft of mail – often in flats with mailboxes in open communal areas. Sometimes this is achieved by literally breaking into the mail box. Sometimes, more worryingly, the thief simply “fishes” post out through the mail slot. The average cost of identity fraud is £1076 since it typically takes UK victims seven months to realise they have become a victim of identity fraud and, on average, another 3+ months to resolve the situation.

DAD has been designing and manufacturing steel security products since 1872 and was the first letterboxes and post boxes manufacturer in Europe, now with over 1.5 million units produced every year at its factories in France and Germany. With 700 employees worldwide and a turnover of over £60 million, they manufacture an extensive range which includes fire-rated and anti-arson postboxes, free standing post boxes, wall-mounted and through-the-wall boxes for residential and commercial applications. DAD has opened its offices in the UK in 1996.


DAD009 Bethany House

DAD009 at Bethany House

Why you should absolutely avoid using letter plates for your front door!

Which is best, a “Back of the door” mailbox or a “letter plate”?

Firework through the letter plateEverybody is familiar with letter plates or letter flaps – the slot in a wall or door through which mail is delivered, as this  is the most widely used “style” of mail delivery in homes and offices across the country.

This is a simple solution for receiving your mail in the UK, but is it the best way to maintain your home, as well as your life, with regards to security?

Let’s face the truth. The “always open” hole in your front door is often used for identity theft, through the theft of your mail by fishing. Not to mention car theft, lock manipulation and arson attacks. Plus, the pure site of left post on your welcome mat is a clear indication that you are in fact out and in turn a “green light” or invitation for a burglar. Especially with some locksmiths tools online these days for everyone with the intent to break into your house!

Check this video and please, be aware :

Looking at the crime data for England and Wales we can see how the letter flap becomes a real provocation for some very serious crime indeed.

And to be honest, it’s not really pleasant to find out that some cigarette ends or other results of kid pranks to your house, can be thrown through the letter plate.

Letter plates, are they the cheapest solution for your house?

With winter approaching, temperatures fall and cold winds rise, many of us start thinking about the insulation of our homes to keep us warmer, especially through the nights. From this point, the letter plate is not really the best choice. As we are usually out when our mail is delivered, the letters can be left half delivered, forcing the letter flap to remain slight open, thus allowing the cold air to permeate your home until you return home, this obviously has a direct impact on the temperature in your house as well as the cost of your bills.

Despite Ann Robinson’s opinion (director of consumer policy at about stability of energy prices this winter, there is no secret that energy costs make up around half of our bills.

(Full article here:

So, to keep your home (as well as you) warm and safe, why not try and install a solid secure door, with high thermal co-efficiency, noise reduction and a wall mounted mailbox to the side. Any size and colour, not only guarantees the safety of you, your family and you identity, but also adds to the exterior aesthetics of your home.

Another option is to introduce a “back of the door” mailbox or even an “Anti-Arson back of the door” mailbox. These solutions offer an element of protection for homes and places of worship, all of which are under increasing risk from arson attacks and mindless vandalism.  They also assist with improving the insulation of your home and reducing your utility bills.

Anti-arson mailboxes eliminate the threat of arson by containing any flammable liquid poured through the letterbox, then extinguishing any flames with their integrated intumescent linings and built-in extinguishers.  Unfortunately, these attacks are widely reported, especially around seasonal celebrations such as Halloween, for example.


Due to the high level of orders we are getting, we have made the decision to maintain our factories open during the Summer to provide the same high level of service that our clients have come to expect here in the UK and Internationally.

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